Zinc and immunity? A good supplement against Covid-19

There are several ongoing clinical trials involving com­ binations of zinc and azithromycine to treat COVID-19 infections. ZINC GLUCONATE in particular is cited. This is the most bioavailable, well tolerated, documented and efficient form of zinc. ISA LTIS  is one of the very few certified manufac turers of zinc gluconate. Here is a sumary of the available litterature on its way of action.

What is ZINC?

A trace element, critical for the human metabolism function. Its quantity is decreasing whit ageing, and zinc deficiency is observed in case of obesity and heart deseases, as well as imunosuppression.


Zinc is the main enzyme activator of immunity res­ ponse. Even a slight zinc deficiency is inducing a chro­ nic inflammation and an increased production of cytokines in case of virus attack. Severe forms of virus infections are caused by what is called «cytokine storms», which are over-reactions of the immune system, not properly regulated.

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